Solar Panel Electrity Generation in UK

Best Days Solar Panel Generated Output since November 2011

This is the data showing the 10 best daily PV solar panel electricity generation outputs. As each month's data is loaded this list will change.

In fact 2013 has already produced more record days that beat any day in 2012. The solar panels were installed in Nov 2011 so only partial data is available for 2011.

Our 14 solar panels are 235W capacity each so I have also included the output per kWp of installed panels to allow easier comparison with other solar PV installations. Our panels face SSW so are not quite the optimum orientation for the UK although we are in South East England but we must be approaching the maximum that solar panels can generate with over 7kWh per kWp

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Date Output Value
Output per kWp of Panels
kWh per kWp