FIT Installations by Region and Postcode Area

This is a summary of the installed capacity and the number of installations by region and postcode area for renewable energy by postcode area. It covers mainly Solar PV Panel but also other installations that qualify for FIT payments in the UK to give a total of Renewable Electricity Generation Capacity in UK.

UK FIT Installation data

The region data shows the UK installed generation capacity for solar PV for different UK regions that are registered for FIT payments

The postcode data shows the number of properties with Wind FIT tariffs and the installed generation capacity for that area.


Solar PV Installations in UK by Region

Govt Region Install Capacity
(in kWp)
Number of Installs
(Total Numbers)
1460.28 166
East Midlands 86654.20 20177
East of England 89168.06 24407
London 20187.25 5841
N/A 89483.75 28542
North East 22883.11 7651
North West 56557.84 17671
South East 142598.44 35636
South West 195102.04 39452
UnKnown 3072.57 1432
Wales 6148.54 169
West Midlands 56037.94 14948
Yorkshire and The Humber 71400.71 20452

Wind Installations in ME postcode

Post Code Install Capacity
(in kWp)
Number of Installs
(Total Numbers)
ME1 6.00 1
ME12 6.00 1
ME17 6.00 1
ME20 1.20 1
ME3 6.00 1
ME9 6.00 1

Data up to 31 March 2014

You can see the difference between electricity produced each year and how much solar electricity was generated compared to previous years. Each month is also available individually

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