This is the data for April showing how early the panels started generating and how late they finished as well as the maximum peak output during the day. This is added to automatically each month as the data builds up and gets loaded.

Average solar electricity produced in April is 366.5 kWh of solar electricity generated.

Value is based on average of 12 years of solar generation data with minimum of 295kWh and maximum of 432 kWh

April Compared Year on Year for UK Solar Panel Generation

The monthly data shows by year the solar electricity generated each April and peak output produced by south facing solar panels in Kent England.

You can see the difference between each year and how much solar electricity was generated compared to previous years. Each month is also available individually

January February March April May June July August September October November December

The data is interesting in how consistent some figures are across the years whereas some vary hugely. For example the earliest/latest start times are very similar but the monthly solar panel electricity generation can vary by almost 100%


Month Earliest Start Time Latest End Time Max Peak Output kW Total Monthly Output Total Generation Time (hours) Min Daily Generation kWh Max Daily Generation kWh


Last Updated : 20 July 2024